Fast Start: Infrastructure as Code using Azure DevTestLabs

Alot of folks understand that Infrastructure as Code (aka IaC) is a great idea and an advanced concept of DevOps. What alot of folks don’t realize though when they begin their journey that there are alot of tools and alot of different ways to start.

At Microsoft we have numerous ways to get started with IAC. One of the easiest ones is to take advantage of Azure’s DevTestLabs and VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). Together these two technologies make it super easy to get started on the road to being able to deploy on-demand and anytime.

Let’s get started.


1. You’ll need a Microsoft Azure account (sign up for free today here)

2. VSTS account (sign up for free at )

Next we’ll need a sample application to deploy. I added a simple website to my git repo in VSTS along with two other important scripts.


Note: I’ve stored my sample project along with the two needed scripts in my GitHub repo located here.

Basically the file dtlvmtemplate.json is the templatized form of a web app which I downloaded directly from Microsoft Azure. The other script InstallApp.ps1 is a DSC piece of code which takes care of making sure IIS is installed, that ASP.NET is installed and configuring the website on this new server.

Steps to re-create this on VSTS.

1. Import the git repo into VSTS.

2. Next we need to setup a CI build in VSTS which will build the application AND publish the deployment scripts folder as an artifact so it’s available for Release.dtl2

3. With a successful build we need to setup a Release which will call the deployment scripts AND deploy our sample application. dtl3

4. And finally just add a call Remote Powershell on the newly created server to deploy the application.

As you can tell this is pretty quick and obviously a very simple example but it can easily be expanded upon for larger multi-tier applications.

As always feel free to reach out with any issues.