Sharing Deployment Groups Across Team Projects in VSTS

One of the many recent enhancements to VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) is the adding of Deployment Groups back in 2017. However ever since they were added the next obvious question was: How do I share these across my Team Projects (similar to how Agents work across Team Projects). This scenario is useful in order to allow organizations to take full advantage of their infrastructure and maximize the return on investment in cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure.

Much like Agents there is a “Deployment Pool” which is actually the mechanism which allows the sharing across Team Projects. Initially there was a one to one mapping of Deployment Pool to Group but customers quickly realized the potential use for these groups.

There are some requirements that must be met before these Deployment Pools can be shared/used:

1. The user sharing the Deployment Pool must be a user for the pool.

2. The user sharing the Deployment Pool must have permissions to create a Deployment Group in the new Team Project where we wish to share it.

3. The new Team Project must not already have a Deployment Group backed by the same pool.

How to share the Deployment Groups/Pools?

1. Go to the Deployment Group in your existing TP and select Manageblog1

2. Select which Team Projects you want to share these Deployment Groups with blog2

3. Now when you navigate to the new Team Project you will see the Deployment Group listed under it (backed by the same Deployment Pool).blog3

Hopefully this will help folks realize how versatile VSTS is and help someone get on the road to DevOps faster. As always if you have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out.